The Sky is No Limit

GrowIN Jets

Reinventing Private Aviation

Our Values

Passion, Commitment, Partnership, and Community are the core values by which we live and work


We are deeply passionate about what we do, how and even why we do it


We are committed to our work, customers, partners, and all stakeholders that surround us


We are partners and we profoundly believe in long-lasting partnerships


We all belong to a community that we are proud to help develop and emancipate

Our Story

With our diversified service offering, we have developed tailored value propositions addressing the most complex challenges in the private aviation industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster enduring business relationships in the midst of an ever-changing world

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide services and solutions that help unveil untaped opportunities

GrowIN Jets Launch

GrowIN Jets started its North American Operations out of Toronto, Canada in September 2017, as part of LEMA Holdings, Inc.

Tech & Back-Office Launch

GrowIN Jets launched its Tech & Back-Office in Marrakesh, Morocco in line with its vision to leverage the use of new technologies as a competitive advantage.

Headquarters Moved to Portugal

GrowIN Jets relocated its headquarters to Faro, Portugal. As part of its global expansion strategy, it acquired GrowIN Tech and became part of GrowIN Portugal.

France Operations Launch

GrowIN Jets launched its operations in France with Tarek El Fassi, the seasoned private aviation executive, joining the group as a co-CEO and investor in charge of expanding GrowIN Jets operations in the French market.